The cost of chartering the Sierra Hotel is dependent upon a variety of factors including the number of passengers, type of food and beverage service desired, and especially the itinerary including its length, whether the journey is round trip or one way, the number of days at any location and whether any positioning moves are required for your particular itinerary and timing.  An approximate estimate for 8 people traveling on the car, with all costs included except for very expensive items and gratuities, is around $7000 to $8000 per traveling day and varies with the length of the trip.  Stationary days are less and cost will vary with the service required.  Typically, SIERRAHOTEL Railway Inc. enters into an agreement with Amtrak® to pull the car on an Amtrak® train. Our operation is independent of Amtrak®, whose responsibility is limited to hauling the car.


Occasionally, Sierra Hotel Railway is able to offer special pricing on positioning move trips.  These trips are required to move the rail car from one location to another and are offered for charter at a deeply discounted rate.  Because of the nature of these trips there is little flexibility with timing or change of itinerary.  Positioning trips are priced for a group of up to 8 to charter the entire car, but if there is enough interest, individual rooms are sometimes offered as well.  Notice of upcoming positioning moves is advertised through email notifications.  If you wish to be on our private email list for such notification, please contact us at